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Area Rug vs Carpet Cleaning

Area Rug vs Carpet Cleaning

Area rugs and carpet cleaning...the same right?

Many times area rugs are constructed to serve a purpose. They still act as a great air filter, protect your floors from damage (animals, kids, spills, etc.), and give warmth to a hard surface or room in your home and similarly to wall-to-wall carpet, rugs need to be cleaned regularly. However, it is especially important that the professional carpet cleaner you hire is aware of the special cleaning requirements for each type of rug and this task can be daunting for the customer as well as the carpet cleaner.

Area rugs are constructed different from wall to wall carpeting. They may be constructed from a variety of different yarn materials to add to the texture, dimension and look of the rug. The materials may be hand dyed or hand woven. Consistent regular vacuuming is most important for your area rug, just as it is for your carpet. Weekly vacuuming WITHOUT the beater bar engaged is recommended for many types of rugs and don't vacuum the fringes, use a broom. If your home has a lot of traffic with pets and humans vacuuming may need to increase to multiple times a week. There are many other steps to consider when maintaining your rug, according to Safavieh, including sunlight, humidity, vacuuming, etc.

Area rugs can vary in size, weight, material (synthetic or natural), construction, etc. each of which will drive the cost. Costs range for higher end hand crafted area rugs can range from $400 to $10,000+. With the more expensive area rug you are definitely paying for the time to make it, colors, patterns, process and their individual unique look. These higher end area rugs are really pieces of art for your home and family to enjoy. Perhaps placing the art piece in a room that does not have much traffic to assist in preserving its beauty. Synthetic rugs are made from hand made materials in bulk and usually cost much less.

Professional Cleaners should be hired to clean your area rugs on a regular basis. Just as the cost of the area rug is much greater than the cost of wall to wall carpeting so can the cost for cleaning rugs. An area rug is just more difficult to clean. Just vacuuming an area rug can be a challenge, keeping the fringe and corners protected from the vacuum. This is also challenging when deep cleaning. Rugs are much more delicate than carpet and therefore, should be cleaned more carefully. Often, deep cleaning can bleed the colors of a rug if not taken care of properly and an area rug may have a deep dense pile where dirt and grime can get embedded making it difficult to remove and requiring more cleaning time. Hot water alone can damage some area rugs especially those with multiple types of material where one type may shrink, yellow or fray. Hot water, high pressure, cleaning products (high pH), and dry time can also damage a rug. The professional cleaner should take care to do a pre-inspection of your area rug, paying attention to the label (when available), if possible performing a fiber and color fastness test in an inconspicuous area to determine if the rugs are safe to clean.

The professional technicians at Zerorez® New Mexico are experienced at cleaning and handling area rugs with care. Our team uses gentle but powerful products to clean your rugs, and we treat the delicate fibers of fine and specialty rugs with extreme care. Our goal is to restore your area rugs vibrant colors and remove the soils that can cause additional wear to your rugs. We use Zr Clean™ water to provide an eco-friendly clean that leaves no residue or smell behind. You can rest assured that your family & pets can safely lay or walk on your newly cleaned rugs.

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