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Protect Your Carpet
from Holiday Spills!

Protect Your Carpet
from Holiday Spills!

We LOVE Food and Thanksgiving has the biggest, most colorful variety!

Perhaps you're considering hiring a professional to deep clean your carpets, your area rugs, upholstery or your tile and stone, but you pause and think, "Should I have them cleaned before the holiday season, before all the food and drinks and possible spills?" This is a great question of course. Consider the following.

It is not necessary to apply protectant to new carpet. New carpet comes from the manufacturer and its fibers are infused with protectant adding a couple years before you need to consider reapplying protectant. Protectant acts as a barrier repelling spills, odors and blocking dirt from attaching to the carpet fiber and possibly damaging it with that dark dingy "wear mark" that cannot be removed, with any cleaner, professional or not. While it is not necessary to apply protectant to new carpet it is important to keep in mind that protectant does need to be reapplied after 1-2 years of normal use, sooner if you have a lot of traffic, pets or household "spillers" as protectant is worn off simply by walking on it, vacuuming, lying on it, and especially when your carpet is cleaned and it is recommended that it be reapplied to extend the life of your carpet and perhaps more importantly to reduce the fear of a spill or accident. How do you know it is time to reapply the protectant? One big tell is when you notice that your carpet seems to get dirtier faster even after your carpet is cleaned. According to Cleanfax, "New carpet is treated with manufacturer-applied, soil-resistant carpet protector, which enables the carpet to go much longer between cleanings."

There are MANY types of protectant and many ways they are applied. They include hiring a professional or purchasing the product and applying it yourself. Scotch Guard is a very well known product that can be purchased on Amazon or at your local hardware stores like Home Depot. The cost is relatively inexpensive and easy to apply (according to the instructions). It is best if your carpet is cleaned prior to applying, removing all the dirt and soil as possible. Protectant is clear and should not leave a residue. It is also highly recommended that protectant is applied after your carpet is cleaned as cleaning will remove or diminish the properties of the protectant.

Zerorez New Mexico applies its private labeled "premium fiber protector" providing maximum stain protection and soil resistance. The protectant is comparable to the treatments applied by carpet mills on new carpets. Our protectant resists soil penetration and the acid-dye blocker will assist in preventing stains from common spills. It is applied with an electric sprayer after carpet cleaning but dries quickly.

Zerorez New Mexico is running a special through the 2020 Holiday Season of "3 Rooms of Carpet Cleaned for $109 and 1 Room of Protectant Free". Give them a call (505) 585-5053 and have them treat your carpets to a longer, cleaner life! Relax and enjoy this holiday season knowing that those little accidents won't damage your carpets!

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