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Fiber Protectant

Fiber Protectant


Zerorez Premium Fiber Protector™ is a great product that can extend the lifetime of carpet, rugs, or upholstery. Protector may be applied at time of purchase or at the manufacturer prior to shipping and should be requested prior to use. It is important to remember that protectant can be worn off by vacuuming, cleaning and regular use. We recommend that a fiber protector be applied every time upholstery is cleaned. Zerorez Premium Fiber Protector is relatively inexpensive and easy to apply.

5 reasons to consider applying fiber protectant to your upholstery:

wine spilled on couch
  1. Acid dye blockers give customers more time to clean up spills before they become permanent stains.

  2. Resists water and oil-based soils from penetrating the fiber.

  3. Lowers soil's ability to stick to or become embedded in the fiber.

  4. The soil that is left behind is easily vacuumed out, which decreases the time that sandy soils can rub against and permanently damage upholstery fibers.

  5. Small investment to apply fiber protectant will extend the life of your upholstery, maintaining the color and protecting fibers thereby reducing permanent damage caused from soils and stains.

Zerorez New Mexico offers our Premium Fiber Protectant that can be applied to upholstery, area rugs and carpet. Remember to protect your home investments by having this added to your regular cleaning service. The minimal charge will extend the life of your upholstery, saving you time and money. Consider having fiber protectant applied to your vehicle's upholstery and carpet as well. Give Zerorez New Mexico a call (505) 585-5053 or schedule online today at