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Leave Shoes at the Door!

Leave Shoes at the Door!

Wearing Shoes Inside Your Home...Bad or Not so Bad?

We have all been there - you walk into Grandma's house (for me - Mom's) and before she even mutters the word "hello," you are asked to take off your shoes before walking into her home. You take off your shoes, maybe roll your eyes, and can't help but ask yourself - is it really that bad to wear shoes inside of the house?

In this case, just like most others, "Momma knows best!"

Removing shoes prior to entering someone's home is a widely recognized form of respect and it turns out that it may be better for your health and the life of your home, to leave those sneakers at the door.

Here are three reasons why it is bad to wear shoes inside the house:


It is no secret that our outside world is full of toxins. From pesticides recently used in your garden or on the lawn, asphalt oils and gasoline you walked on without thought or concern. Tiny particles are easily transferred into your homes from the bottoms of your shoes. Leaving your shoes at the door can greatly decrease the chances of toxins spreading throughout your living space.


Like toxins, bacteria can be traced back to just about anywhere that your shoe touches. It has been found that almost every shoe has some sort of harmful bacteria living on it and many have the potential to cause serious illness for humans and pets. What bacteria could we be bringing inside our homes, "We walk through things like bird droppings, dog waste and germs on public restroom floors, all of which are sources for E coli," says Kelly Reynolds, Ph.D., a microbiologist and professor at University of Arizona. Think about the sneaky little "free riders" you are transporting into your home by way of the bottom of your sneakers. And what about when you take those "clodhoppers'' off for the day, where are they going or what are they touching? Remember this and never set your shoes on the couch or counter or table!


The simplest reason to justify leaving your shoes outside is the amount of dirt that they can carry into your home. Not wearing your shoes inside of your home can cut down on dirt that is tracked and left on your floors and possibly near playing children or pets. As an added bonus, it also cuts down on how often you will need to clean to remove the dirt, bacteria and toxins you so effectively moved into your home from the soles of your shoes. Also, dirt (or sand) being tracked in on the bottoms of your shoes damage your hardwood floors and carpet fibers. Like sandpaper being rubbed back and forth on your floors and on carpet can create visible "traffic patterns" that appear dark and very dirty but in fact the carpet fibers have become permanently damaged and cleaning will not restore the carpet color. It is imperative that any flooring is regularly maintained (or vacuumed) and professionally cleaned every 12-18 months according to many carpet manufacturers. Zerorez® New Mexico provides many professional services including carpet cleaning, tile & grout cleaning and grout sealing, area rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning and pet & odor treatment. Call or text (505) 585-5053 to find out more information on our process, services and pricing.

Good for your health to remove your shoes before entering your home can be debated on either side. We all know or have heard about the scientific evidence that some bacteria is good because it helps build our immune system so maybe "shoes off" is not necessary and may even seem excessive. However, it may be important to remember the key word "some" bacteria and if you are unsure what you are walking on prior to entering your home, better not chance it. Watch Dr. Ian Smith with Rachael Ray and you decide.

Taking your shoes off before entering your house has great benefits for both your health and your home. A couple things worth remembering:

"Momma knows best!"


A Clean Home is a Healthy Home™!